Your End of Life Planning Checklist

Think of your Last Whispers Plan as your professional organizer, helping you to get your affairs in order in preparing for your own death ahead of time. Leave instructions to your family and loved ones by helping relieve them of the burden of decision making so they are able to move ahead with their own lives.

Before you bid adieu, create your Last Whispers Plan to help your family and friends find the important information they’ll eventually need such as:

  • Funeral, burial and memorial arrangements
  • Details about financial assets, estate planning
  • Online digital account access
  • Life insurance policies
  • Healthcare information
  • Home and property information
  • Legal and emotional wills for relatives
  • Leave a virtual send-off party with pre-recorded video for family and friends, you Legend you!
family end of life planning
“We Each Will Die Someday. With your Last Whispers Plan, you get to have the final say in your affairs.”

Deciding your After Death Legacy is possible with Last Whispers

We help you leave your family with a sense of your last wishes, and helpful information so they can push through the hard parts and get back to their own lives. It’s what you would have wanted.

Create A Last Whispers Plan
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Manage Your Online Digital Life

Your Physical assets matter but Digital Assets are equally important to entrust

What will happen to your twitter account after you die? Who will take care of your cryptocurrency? Last Whispers helps you decide.

  • Store your passwords and usernames in our secure digital vault
  • Highlights of social media memberships and instructions
  • Listing and location of memberships including personal advisors, gym and school, medical and legal details including locations of keys, cards and your last will

Prepare For Your Own Death
Let’s work on your emotional will

Your emotional will is a non-legal set of instructions where you can tell family and loved ones which home, car, jewelry, bank locker and other non-physical assets you want to pass on.