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Write Your Own Before Death Checklist

Your end may be decades away, but leaving with a mystery would cost your loved ones more than your loss.

We help you organize your affairs to ease the burden on your family and friends after your passing. You can plan your memorial service, organize your finances, medical records, decide who will look after your pets, and much more.

Create and leave video and audio for friends and family to share your last whises with them after your departure. You can read up on more of the benefits of creating a Last Whispers Plan.

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Estate Planning: Things To Do Before You Die

  • Gather Your Documentation
  • Plan Your Funeral Process
  • Organize Videos & Memories
  • Create a Will or Advance Directive
  • List a Power Of Attorney
  • Name Beneficiaries
  • Decide Who Takes Care Of Your Pets
  • Gather Digital Account Information
  • Name Charities To Donate To
Create Your Pre Death Checklist
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Why is it important to prepare for your own death?

You can take the time now to carefully plan the next steps for your friends and family after your passing. Your family and loved ones will have enough to deal with when the day comes and having a full-fledged, easy to understand plan in place will benefit them greatly.

Often times, we choose not to think about our own death, much less what happens to our loved ones afterwards. By creating a Last Whispers plan, you can create your death preparation checklist and continuously update it any time you want. You can list, edit, change, and delete members who will have access to your information. You can list as much or as little information as you wish. You can decide which information your members get access to and when, whether its immediately or only after your death. Learn more about how your Last Whispers Plan works.

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Your Last Whispers Plan

We help you organize your pre death checklist to ease the burden of your passing for your family and friends. With your information readily available to your members, you help make the path forward for them much easier and take out any guesswork. Get a Last Whispers Plan today and start building your legacy.

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Our Mission

We are always here for you as a friend who keep secrets and remembers you for your family and loved ones. You can list your physical and non-physical assets, loans, mortgages, debts and other important aspects of your life for your loved ones after your demise. Last Whispers protects your wishes to reach the right person at the right time.

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