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Our membership accounts keep your information completely organized, protected, and secure. We help you create and share your end of life plan only with those whom you choose.

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  • Peace of mind in knowing you're helping your family ahead of time.
  • Update your information any time as part of your FREE or Premium membership.
  • Add or remove members who can share your information anytime.
  • Decide what information you want in your end of life plan, and change it at any time
  • We use top notch security practices to keep your information safe.
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We Have Policies that We Adhere Truly

Everything we do to help you manage your estate planning is completely safe. We use bank/military grade encryption for all personally identifiable data.

Privacy Policy

The Last Whisper takes your data privacy seriously. We have a complete privacy policy explaning how we collect and use your valuable data.

Data Encryption

We use bank/military-grade AES-256 encryption on all personally identifiable data you choose to make part of your Last Whispers plan. End to end encryption helps ensure your information remains safely guarded.

Your Last Whispers Plan

Add as much or as little information as you wish and share with any friends and family of your choosing. You can upgrade or downgrade any time. There is no annual contract for Premium membership, you only pay month to month.

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Your Last Wishes Matter to Us

Prepare your end of life plan to help ease the burden for friends and loved ones upon your passing. The last thing they'll need to worry about is all the information you helpfully gathered in your Last Whispers Plan.

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Planning Your Death

Decide what information you want to be shared with your family and friends after you are gone. What kind of legacy do you want to leave behind?

Preserving Your Legacy

Trust us for safekeeping of your valuable information, be it documents, pictures, audio or video recordings, digital account credentials, or any other asset, accessible only by you & loved ones you share with.

End of Life Preparation

Don't leave your loved ones stranded and having to guess. Have everything planned and organized beforehand to help ease their burden upon your passing.

Why Create A Pre Death Checklist?

It's important to plan your affairs beforehand to help your family and friends handle your passing with less grievance and struggle. Safely keep your virtual assets and values with us to:

  • Ease Your Loved Ones' Discomfort
  • Pass On Your Own Legacy To Loved Ones
  • Enjoy Peace Of Mind Knowing Your Affairs Are Handled
  • Volunteer Someone for Unfinished Business

Be Prepared for when the inevitable happens

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