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This is how to create your Last Whispers Plan so you can create your End of Life Checklist. Upon your death, the Members (friends and family of your choosing) will have access to the information you provide to help ease their burden in the handling your affairs.

Step 1 Last Whispers Plan

Step 1:

Create Your Last Whispers Account

Step 2:

Go To Your Dashboard

Step 2 Last Whispers Plan
Step 3 Last Whispers Plan

Step 3:

Invite Your Family Members and/or friends to become "Members" who will have access to your information either now or after your death.

Step 4:

Enter any information you want to share with your Members. You can include text, images, video, and audio. Premium Plan members get much more info tho choose to share, but there's plenty for Free members too.

Step 4 Last Whispers Plan
Step 5 Last Whispers Plan

Step 5:

Your Members receive an email inviting them to join your Plan by creating a FREE Last Whispers account. As long as they use the same email you set as your Member, it doesn't matter if they choose a Free or Premium membership. The information you have shared with each member is either available immediately or after your death depending on the permissions you have set for them.

Step 6:

Upon your eventual death, your Members can request a release of the information you have specifically set for "After Death". Last Whispers will attempt to contact you and your Members and if, after a 48 hour waiting period, no one has denied the request (including you) then your information will be shared with your Members.

Step 6 Last Whispers Plan

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